Updated Paper Prototype

So this is my updated prototype being used on the Samsung Galaxy 10. Okay so I got three students to look over my prototype and as you can see I made a change to it, Everyone said that it was very user friendly and easy to use. That I had also laid out everything that … Read more

Paper Prototypes

My first prototype was a very rough draft, which I thought that I had covered all the bases. But the more I looked at it I realized that I was missing a lot. So I revised it. The very first one that is going up will be the rough draft. After the rough draft I … Read more


I had a hard times getting my ideas onto the computer as usual but I am kind of pleased with what I have accomplished, it is not the first one but I will put it at the bottom.

My Final Project concept

I am going to do my final project on my photography. My photography is not always about people, it covers people, places and things. I have a quirky sense of style and thinking. Most people do not understand why I may take a certain photo. So they think it is strange that I would but … Read more

Prototype: CUNY FIRST

Of the students that I interviewed did not toomany of them had to much of a problem with basic layout of cunyfirst but had a problem with always having to go through the list of colleges every time for their college and the term. Also a freshman said we needed a CUNY tutorial. Which I … Read more

User Interviews

Questions & Answers: Interviewee # 1 Q1: What is your Name, age and gender? A1: Ariana, who is 19 and a female. Q2: What is the main thing you go to cunyfirst for? A2: I only go to there to register for my classes. Q3: Are you fairly tech savvy? A3: Yes Q4: How familiar … Read more

Mood Board & Flyer

I am a lover of photography so I decided to do my mood board and flyer on photography. My mood board has a few photographs that I have personally taken. I had to many to choose from so I just used a couple select ones that I like. I tried to keep it simple. For … Read more


My fail is that I just recently moved, and my dilemma is that I have yet to finish unpacking and getting things situated. Especially my computer equipment and desk. So I have this portable computer desk for my laptop but it does not serve the purpose. It is designed so that I can sit on … Read more