Real vibes prototype

Here is my first prototype describing the payment option to my online website. The goal for my first prototype was to get users to know the website would be 9.99 Then i received feedback was to not worry on payment and began to work on the guidelines of my app. Goal 1: Payment This is … Read more

illustrator dating views

This is my two logo’s i designed the first one is illustrated two hearts that stands for unity with a necklace to represent strength and harmony. As for my second on is a heart with a bow tie and stars to represent fantasy within a person but still reality to meeting your connection with someone.

Mood Board on Dating Safety

My final project is on people who decide to meet others online. My application would be for people who don’t want to get Catfish. So in order to login in you would have to scan your I.D. Newer version of a dating website more cautious when people are meeting online. the app would be called … Read more

User Persona Final View

This is my final persona after doing research on BET VS MTV project with group members Kareem and Jeremiah I thought that the persona I would stay with was BET but I found more interest with MTV because I like to laugh and I feel MTV would be great in that area field for me.

Remake of User Persona

This Version is more better I believe because there is more clearer information you can read about myself. During an interview, all these questions can be answered from my team members Kareem and Jereemiah.