Interview Questions

Part 1 Q1: What is your name, age, and gender? Kevin Cuenca, 18 years old, male Shaikh, 20, male Ethan, 19, male Q2: What is the main thing you go to cuny first for? I go to cunyfirst to view my holds and distribution dates for financial aid Register for classes Schedule classes Q3: Are … Read more

Mood Board and Flyer

My Flyer was based on my favorite videogames league of legends, so i made a flyer, showing a tournament For my Mood Board, My Mood is 90% happy every day so i made my Board based off of things that make me happy I updated the following mood board into something more pleasant to the … Read more


I wanna talk about a feature that came with my phone, its called Name ID, it allows you to see any number that calls you, and it gives you information about the number, including location of call and name of person just in case its a prank call or anything threatening. This app is a … Read more


I chose a media source article to recreate into my own design from ABC news The screenshot is located down below. the first one is my version of the media source, while the second one of the original.