Final logo

This is my final logo, I changed the words to something more simple and I kept the image the same. I was thinking about changing the colors but I started to really like how the blue and yellow complimented each other. What do you guys think?

Paper Prototype

When first opening the app you will arrive at the preview to the left. It is the login screen, consisting of the logo and the proper username and password sections. For most users there is a signup link available, an account will be needed to access the features of the app. Also available is the ... Read more

Paper Prototypes

These are my paper prototypes based on red routes for the user. My three user goals are combining all NYC sports teams into one app, making the app easy for customers to navigate, and providing all the necessities that a sports fan will love. My first prototype shows the homepage with the various sports leagues. … Read more

Final Logo (Updated)

This time I used the approach to trace the figures I included in the past logos. It does take time to notice but the stickman is wearing sneakers that I also traced out and attached the body and to align with the app, many sneaker heads will be able to notice that it is the … Read more

User Prototype

This is my prototype for my natural hair app Love Yours.The first page is the log in page with the link to sign up. New members would press the sign up link where they would then be directed to enter personal info along with their desired username and password. The second page further prompts the … Read more

Real vibes prototype

Here is my first prototype describing the payment option to my online website. The goal for my first prototype was to get users to know the website would be 9.99 Then i received feedback was to not worry on payment and began to work on the guidelines of my app. Goal 1: Payment This is … Read more

Paper Prototype| User Testing

This was the first paper prototype I made, the goal is for the user to sign up for the application. When the user open the app they’ll have the option to sign in with their phone number or email address if the person is not a user there is an option to sign up. When … Read more

Paper Prototype Final

Here are the three paper prototype for my app design final which showcases the user testing feedback to go along with it. Below we have the first prototype which is what people will see when they first log in to the cite. Based on reviews from my users they indicated that the first prototype was … Read more

Cart sorting, and Paper Prototypes

User Goal: To find the location User Goal: Looking for air ticket User Goal: Look for Hotel User testing 1 John: I would definitely use this app, I like how the app is set up. I like how you can find specific things or landscape you can see in the location. Many travel apps do … Read more

Paper Prototypes

My first prototype was a very rough draft, which I thought that I had covered all the bases. But the more I looked at it I realized that I was missing a lot. So I revised it. The very first one that is going up will be the rough draft. After the rough draft I … Read more